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Water Leaks Can Only Be Solved By A Plumber

water leaks

Water leaks in old or deteriorated pipes are very common, but they are also a rather difficult problem to control and repair because many times the pipes are hidden in walls and floors. That’s why a plumbing service or an expert plumber are ideal to help you put an end to water leaks.

At the time of writing, it is estimated that the problem of water leaks in homes and businesses in the United States exceeds approximately $10,000 per insurance claim.

Water damage can result from many problems difficult to predict. For example, a burst hot water tank, leaking copper pipes, a leaking faucet under the sink or a frozen pipe can lead to the destruction of insulation, ruined pipes and sunken ceilings.

Fortunately, the damage that water can cause can be avoided thanks to the leak detection systems that exist today and that are within the reach of any homeowner, you only have to contact the plumbing service nearest you to do the installation.

For example, at Mr. Poronga we have the most advanced equipment and qualified personnel to perform any type of plumbing work. Whether it is pipe plugs, main drains, white water pipes, among other services.

What Is A Leak Detection System And How Does It Work?

A leak detection system monitors the flow of water through a pipe. When abnormal behavior is evident, the device cuts off the flow of water to the entire house.

Leak detection systems are usually installed at the point of entry of water into the home. That way, no matter what the problem, the flow of water can be shut off from all water-using appliances, protecting your entire home from disastrous and costly damage.

Leak detection systems are configurable, allowing you to customize the shut-off schedule to your home’s water usage patterns. 

It’s also possible to connect to smartphones through an application, sending you alerts when they detect an irregular water flow and activate the system before an accident happens in your home no matter how far away you are.

An additional plus and what precisely makes it useful for the winter is that this system is capable of detecting when a pipe is about to freeze. Remember that when a pipe freezes it can explode because of the pressure generated inside it.

In that sense, the device will have the ability to immediately cut off the water supply and restore it when temperatures rise.

Why Is It Convenient To Install The Leak Detection System?

A leak detection system protects your home or business from one of the most common and costly damages, flash flooding.

It also helps control your water bill. In most cases we don’t worry when we see a small leak in the faucets of sinks, showers or dishwashers, but this represents a significant increase in the billing of the water service company.

In addition, water damage goes hand in hand with mold. Mold can present very serious health risks. Mold aggravates allergic conditions, causing eye irritation, sneezing, runny nose and even exacerbating skin rashes.