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Tips From A Professional Plumber For Control Home Faults

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Plumbing is a complex job that requires extensive knowledge and years of experience, usually the repairs made by professional plumbing services are often uncomfortable and burdensome, so it is important that when we choose a plumbing company have the appropriate certifications.

In Mr. Poronga we like to help our customers and that’s why we made this article in which we will give you some tips and tricks that can help you solve an emergency with pipes, floods, humidity and drains inside your house, while a professional plumbing service arrives to end the problem.

Remember that the solutions we will give you below are only to contain a problem, not to remedy the failure completely. Remember that the plumber’s job is absolutely professional and he will not only repair the failure, but he will find out why the failure originated.

Tips From A Professional Plumber

Prevents damage to chrome parts

If you have to squeeze a piece of chrome pipe to stop a water can while waiting for the plumber, put a piece of electrician’s tape in the notches of the pipe wrench you use so that it doesn’t get marked on the chrome. You can also place a piece of cloth around the pipe and press on it.

Do not tighten taps with excessive force  

When you close a tap, avoid closing it too hard. If you do it constantly you will end up damaging the inner seat of the valve which will obviously force you to make a repair or a replacement of the affected part.

Put a stopper in the sink and washbasin

As we do not have enough experience to carry out repairs, we do not take into account some previous precautions. In that sense, always place the stopper of the sink or washbasin when you are going to disassemble some piece of the tap, this way you can avoid that some screw, gasket or other piece goes down the drain.

Protect the pieces of the bathroom

Before making any repairs, place a cloth, thick cloth or cardboard inside the sink, dishwasher or bathtub. Due to lack of experience, we could drop the tool we are working with and cause damage to the porcelain of the pieces we talked about before.

As you are not an expert in plumbing be careful

When you take a piece apart for the first time, get used to placing them in the same order as you take it apart, this will help you remember how it is originally arranged and which pieces go first and which ones later.

Avoiding Mold in the Bathroom

Usually mold can easily adhere to bathroom walls and especially in the gaps between tiles. This is due to moisture buildup inside the bathroom. To prevent this, make sure more air flows through the bathroom. If you can’t do this, call the plumbing service you trust to help you solve this problem.

Cleaning a clogged shower

Minerals in the water usually tend to clog shower holes and make it impossible for the water to flow out strongly. To repair this, you can remove the shower head and place it in vinegar water for half an hour, then remove it and clean it under the jet with a brush to finish removing the residues.