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Tips For Winter Plumbing Care

Winter plumbing Care

The summer leaves us and the cold temperatures of winter begin to be part of our daily routine and the pipes and drains of our house or business can be affected by sudden changes in the weather. It is in these cases when we need a plumbing service. 

That is why we have prepared this article that can be very helpful for you. These plumbing tips will help you prevent problems in the coming winter and take care or protect within your possibilities the pipe network of your property.

As you know, both extreme cold and suffocating heat, are capable of finishing even the most resistant material because when contracting and expanding continuously, it produces a fatigue in the components.

So in winter usually produce breaks by the contraction of the material of manufacture of the pipe (plastic or iron) and also by the expansion experienced by the water when it freezes.

This situation is a serious problem, since freezing can be the previous step to the breakage of a pipe. But, is it possible to fight it? What are the best tricks to protect the pipes of a house against the cold?

Know the Plumbing Tricks to Avoid Problems with Pipes in Winter


Prevention is the key to everything. Winter doesn’t come overnight, so it’s important to prepare in advance. This way when it starts to get cold, you will face the season much better and you can be sure that your pipes will be better protected.

Control Your Home Temperature

Try to maintain a stable temperature in your home. This is especially important for houses that are a certain age, where the contrast between the temperature outside and inside is often difficult to minimize.

In these cases, it is preferable to leave the heating set at a low temperature, which allows the house to be kept warm.

Prevent heat from escaping

Sealing all cracks and holes that are detected in the pipes and walls of the house can be very helpful.

This way, you will prevent heat from escaping through those nooks and crannies, taking a big step towards preventing the pipe system from freezing.

Make Water Flow Constantly Through the Pipes

Leaving a tap dripping slightly if the cold is extreme can be very helpful. The expense of water will be almost negligible, but keeping the current moving will make it much harder for ice to take over the pipes.


Coating the pipes with insulating material and applying this material to all the elements of the house that may suffer from freezing is an ideal technique that expert plumbers or plumbing services usually apply.

It is the most effective way to prevent pipe freezing.

Avoid Water Stagnation

Do not allow stagnant water inside the pipes. If a large cold wave is expected, try not to have any water inside the pipes. If there is no water, it will be difficult to freeze.

If you want to avoid problems with the pipes in your house during the winter, you can contact us.

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