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Tips For Keeping Your Drains Clean As A Professional Plumbing Service

Regular and constant maintenance of the drains and pipes in your house is a task that you should do at least once a month to avoid blockages that will bring you problems in the future. If you want to keep your home’s drains clean as a professional plumbing service, follow the recommendations we will give you in this article.

It is difficult to carry out maintenance on the pipes in the home. Every day there are bad odors, water leaks and blockages that hinder not only the maintenance itself, but also its care. Cleaning pipes is very important to avoid problems in the future.

Pipes, especially those that have been installed for tens of years, are always at risk of deterioration. Another thing that spoils the drains, and that we often do not realize, is to get rid of certain residues such as grease, food scraps, hair, among other elements.

The recommendations are:

  • Do not drain oils down the drains.
  • Never pour coffee residues down the drain.
  • Remove solid waste from the dishes before washing them.
  • Collect any hairs or hair left on the shower floor.
  • Do not throw paper down the drain.
  • Do not throw substances such as paints and solvents.

Pipe Cleaning Tips

To avoid bad odor in the pipes, you can clean the pipes by pouring a mixture of bicarbonate, vinegar and hot water in the following proportion down the drain:

Half a cup of bicarbonate diluted in two cups of water and one cup of vinegar. Once combined, pour it down the drain, leave it for a few minutes and then pour in plenty of boiling water.

Performing this procedure on a regular basis can greatly help you to keep your pipes and wastewater in good condition. However, you should be aware that in case of a deep clogging you should contact a professional plumber who has the right experience and tools.

What Should I Do If There Is A Clogged Pipeline?

In the event of an emergency situation and a sewer backlog that does not improve by applying the above tips, there is a list of procedures that should be applied so as not to complicate the situation.

The first thing to do is to cut off the white water supply to the place where we have a problem with the pipe. Quickly find the tap that controls the water supply and turn it off immediately.

Don’t throw any more waste or liquid into that place it will probably not come down any more and everything may get stuck there.

Call a professional plumber who can help you fix that problem.

How Can I Identify If A Drain Has A Problem?

There are very easy to identify when a drain may be about to become clogged.

  • Water drains very slowly.
  • There are puddles around the shower, dishwasher, sink or sink.
  • Bad odors are perceived from the pipes.
  • Leaks in the drains.

The best thing to do in this type of situation is to immediately check all the pipe connections to rule out other problems and to avoid damaging other sections of the drainage system, which obviously means higher costs.