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Tips for home humidity control

Humidity Control

If you have problems in your home with humidity control, a plumbing company can help you get rid of that annoying problem that has the potential to make your home uninhabitable, as well as affect your health due to the amount of water vapor in the environment.  

The comfort inside the house is an aspect that is very well appreciated by all the inhabitants of the home, especially when the temperature becomes a very important element for comfort and wellbeing.

When it is very hot in the summer season, the first reaction is to turn on the air conditioning to try to regulate the temperature of the room you are in. However, there is a very important indicator that nobody takes into account, it is the amount of water vapour in the air.

Controlling this aspect can help you to control the humidity inside your home or office and incredibly improve your comfort. A plumbing company is sure to be able to help you.

Keep in mind that many of the traditional means of air conditioning do not change the humidity values, but rather change the temperature. The air conditioning emits cold air and the heating heats it up, but the relative humidity remains at the same values.

How to Identify When Humidity Increases

The first thing to keep in mind is that humidity affects both hot summer climates and cold winter ones. The only thing that will vary will be the sensations with respect to the temperatures.

Then and due to the humidity we can notice the following effects:

– Increased sensation of heat during the summer.

– Difficulty in cooling the spaces naturally.

– Sweat on windows and doors.

– More intense colds during the winter.

What happens when there is a lot of humidity in the environment?

Excessive humidity can cause serious damage to furniture, walls, and appliances in the home. In rooms with saturated humidity levels, it is common to see raised or curved walls, as well as wet windows or glass.

Even excess water vapor in the air is a common cause of allergies and respiratory diseases.

What are the humidity values a plumbing company considers acceptable?

The first thing we must know is that humidity is no more than the percentage (%) of vapor pressure that the air has with respect to the maximum it can have at that temperature. This is the most common way to measure humidity.

Having clear the concept then we will define three ranges:

– High: between 70 and 100% (saturation)

– Average: between 40 and 70%

– Low: between 0 and 40%    

The recommended values for humidity control in the home are as follows:

During the winter, humidity should be between 40% and 50%. The ideal temperature would be 22ºC.

During the summer, the humidity should be between 45% and 60%, with the temperature between 24 and 25 degrees approximately.

So, if in summer we have a humidity in the environment of 70% or 80%, we will undoubtedly be facing an excess, which will be even greater in winter.

How to Control Humidity?

There are many ways to control the humidity inside any interior space. The most basic ones range from circulating the air naturally to placing devices that absorb excess water in the environment.

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