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Signs Of Plumbing Problems In Your Home Or Business

Plumbing problems

Any plumbing problem can quickly become a difficult conflict to solve if it is not addressed quickly and appropriately. That’s why it’s very important to perform routine inspections of the entire water system of the house or business premises to evidence any leaks in time and to fix them as soon as possible.

Below are several signs that can tell you if a problem is occurring or if there is a problem with the building’s plumbing.

Evidence of plumbing problems in your home

Discolored Pipes

Next time you’re in your basement or checking under the kitchen sink, look closely at the pipes for signs of discoloration, especially around a joint. If so, it’s a strong sign that moisture is present.

This can be caused by a dripping sink or drain line, or something more serious, such as a slow leak in the supply line. If it is the latter, then you should definitely put this at the top of the list of pending repairs to be executed. A professional plumber can help you.

Sewer Odor

A general rule of plumbing is that every drain needs a trap, and every trap needs a vent. All of these traps and drains are designed to prevent sewer gas from entering your home.

Your home’s vents should channel the odor from the sewer to the roof, while the drain traps create a «water plug» that acts as a barrier to prevent sewer odors from going down the sink drain.

So, if you detect a sewer gas odor in your home, that means a trap has dried up or a vent line has broken. A dry trap can be fixed as easily as filling it with water, or you may need to examine it for signs of leakage.

Weak Water Flow in Multiple Locations

A slow flow or low water pressure indicates a problem in the distribution. If the water pressure is low in several places around your home, it is the sign of a major problem.

If that is the case, then you are trying to locate a problem in the water system, the water heater or an active leak in the supply line.

If you are seeing low water pressure along with some of the other items on this list, such as bubble paint, it is imperative that you act immediately and seek help from a professional plumbing service.

Slow drainage

Not surprisingly, slow drainage is a sign of a problem in your plumbing. Depending on where the problem is located, it may be an easily removable blockage near the drain, or it could be a problem further down the sewer line that will require significant action to resolve.

First, check for debris or large blockages in the drains or check the main sewer line and see if tree roots are causing problems.

Pipes Frozen in Winter

If the water pressure drops suddenly or stops completely in the middle of winter, there is a possibility that your pipes have frozen. This is a major problem and should be addressed immediately.

An especially common problem in homes where supply lines run through an attic, crawl space or other unheated space, frozen pipes pose the greatest danger once they thaw.

If your home has any of these problems you can contact us, at Mr. Poronga we have the trained staff and technical equipment to perform any plumbing repairs.