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Sewage Overflow? Avoid this disaster

Sewage Overflow

If you have a commercial location, the last thing you want is for it to flood or have a sewage overflow. This fact can generate great economic losses and also negative comments about your business, to avoid any inconvenience a plumbing service can be your best ally.

A correct maintenance of drains and pipes will help you keep bad smells at bay and eliminate clogs. It will also serve to quickly eliminate excess rainwater that can also be a problem.

At Mr. Poronga we have extensive experience in all aspects of plumbing, moisture control, mold remediation and flood water removal. We can help and advise you to effectively improve any plumbing problem in your facility, home or industry.

Measures to Avoid Sewage Overflow 

When a flood occurs, of whatever type, not only is it known that there is damage to the water evacuation system, but also that there will be damage to the infrastructure that will obviously cause additional expenses in the bills at the end of the month. Nobody wants to be in the situation of fixing every single damage caused by a flood

Then the best measure you can take is prevention. To do this, it is essential that you carry out periodic maintenance work on the pipes to eliminate any element that could become a plug in the immediate future.

Additionally, it is important to know that not only clogging can cause problems. Pipe ruptures or cracks are also a silent problem that can prevent optimal performance, for which a video camera inspection is the best option.

How to Manage a Flood?

The first thing you need to know is what is causing the flooding in order to act accordingly.

For example, if it is a torrential rain, then this means a large amount of unexpected water for which the water disposal system was not prepared. It is also important that you check the condition of the electrical connections, as well as the gas or other energy sources for your business premises.

The most recommended thing is that you entrust this work to a professional plumbing company you trust to carry out this task using bailer pumps to eliminate excess water and then carry out an industrial cleaning.

A broken boiler can also be a problem that generates flooding and for this work it is necessary to use high pressure machinery that performs the task quickly and effectively.

Maintenance And Prevention Is The Key

Completely neglecting the plumbing and drainage system of your premises is a serious mistake that will cost you dearly in the near future.

Preventive maintenance in the evacuation facilities and the constant revision of each one of the components is vital to anticipate any failure that may occur and evidently you will be able to avoid inconveniences, damages and unnecessary repairs that cause a flood.

If you need help in this aspect, you can contact us immediately. We have the trained and instrumental team necessary to solve any problem with your pipeline.

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