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Root intrusion into the sewer line? Plumbing Service Is The Solution

Root intrusion into the sewer line

This problem within sewer lines is very common, especially if you live in a property that is many years old. It usually happens when the drains are very old and are very close to trees or shrubs. Unfortunately, a root intrusion in the sewer line can only be solved by a plumbing service.

No matter what pipe material the sewer line is constructed of, whether it is clay, cement or metal, tree roots only need a small groove in the joints or any other part of the structure to slip through and start wreaking havoc.

To avoid future problems with your sewer line, we as a professional plumbing service can offer you some tips that will help you prolong the life of your sewer pipes, as well as save money in the future.

Tips From A Professional Plumbing Service To Prevent Root Intrusion

Avoid planting trees near the sewer line

Trees and shrubs naturally tend to seek out the greatest amount of moisture or water sources for their food through the soil and that is why tree roots often extend into the sewage system, invading it and causing severe damage.

In that sense, avoid planting trees and shrubs too close to the sewer line, so you will be decreasing the risk of having problems with your sewer line.

Perform constant checks

Making an annual call to the plumbing service will help you check the status of your home’s sewer line.

In this way you will be preventing any roots from causing deep damage to the pipe that could lead to its replacement and therefore an unexpected expenditure of money.

Remember that replacing a section of the sewer line can be quite expensive and also uncomfortable.

Do not throw objects or chemicals down the sewer line

Throwing away any corrosive chemicals or objects that do not dissolve easily in water is a very common mistake that people make.

Both of these elements tend to significantly shorten the life of any pipe. For example, chemicals will erode the inside of the pipe until a hole opens up and a root can smooth out the sewer line.

How Can a Plumbing Service Fix the Damage?

If you suspect that the sewer line is being blocked, ask your trusted plumber to do a thorough evaluation of the sewer pipe. They will usually use a snake sewer with a camera that will evidence any problems with the pipe.

Depending on the damage, the plumber will offer you options or steps to take to make the repair.

If the damage is not significant, it may only be necessary to remove the root and do some work to prevent it from happening again, but if it is deeper, then it may be necessary to remove the pipe and replace it with another one.

Keep in mind that to do this work, the plumber must have the licenses and permits required by state and city regulations. This is the only way that your job is truly guaranteed.

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