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Maintain the drainage system and avoids plumbing problems

Drainage system

Maintenance is a very important activity to extend the life of any appliance, system or object and plumbing is no exception. Taking proper care of the pipes and drainage system of your home or business will help you avoid problems in the future and especially expenses of money and time.

For this article we have prepared a guide on how to perform such maintenance, as well as when to do it, so you can prevent any unpleasant situation that forces you to call an emergency service to a professional plumber or to the plumber you trust.

Let’s start with the most important thing and what we always remind all our customers, the best maintenance for a drainage system or a pipe is the care we give it from the beginning so if we are careful we will be able to extend the life of the house drains for a long time.

Recommendations for the maintenance of the drainage system

One of the most important aspects is knowing how and why the house drainage system works. The idea is that it can be kept in optimal conditions so that flooding does not start in the bathroom, in the kitchen or even the appearance of bad odors anywhere in the house.

Don’t Dispose of Large Items Through Drainage

The house’s drainage pipes are not designed to dispose of large objects through them. Be alert and never let large objects or waste go through the toilet or sink. If you are not aware of this at any time this action will take its toll.

For example, the toilet and the pipes that connect it to the sewer line are not large enough in diameter to allow a baby’s diaper, a sanitary napkin or a large amount of toilet paper to flow easily. Even wet wipes can become a reason for clogging the drain.

Perform Annual Inspections or Maintenance Work

As we said at the beginning of this article, maintenance is practically a fundamental aspect to keep the drains of the property in good condition, that is why it is vital that at least once a year you send a plumbing company to do a preventive maintenance of the pipes.

In cases where the houses are very old and have been built for a long time, then it is best to perform this action every six months. Remember that over the years the pipes begin to corrode or even deteriorate due to the action of time.

How Your Home Drainage System Is Made Up

The drainage network in your house is quite extensive and is not made up of just one line of pipes. The drains usually run from the outside of the roof to the basement, and here we detail each of its components:

Rainwater Drainage: This is all the pipe that drains the rainwater and the winter thaw. They are on the outside of the roof.

Black water system: These are the ones that come from the bathrooms and kitchen. They collect all the water used to wash our utensils and our personal hygiene.

Main collector: The main collectors are in charge of joining all these sources of sewage to later send it to the main sewer that is connected to the municipal drainage system.

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