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Keep an eye on the rain gutters, a plumber can help you


Usually the rainwater collection system is neglected by the owners or homeowners. This fact unfortunately contributes to its easy deterioration and incidents, so it is important that you go to a plumber.

In these cases, professional plumbing service recommend constant inspections of the rainwater gutters in order to evaluate in depth, what the condition of the gutter is and whether it is advisable to make a repair or simply perform preventive maintenance.

A damaged or clogged rainwater gutter can cause serious problems in the roof, walls and floors of the home since leaks will occur at any time due to inadequate water deposition.

There are many reasons why rainwater pipes are often damaged. Many times people think that only the leaves of the trees cause problems, but this is not the case. There are many other reasons and we will detail them below.

What Elements Can Damage Rainwater Pipes?

Continuous monitoring of your gutters will save you a lot of trouble, money and time if you watch out for the following common causes of rainwater gutter damage.


The grass is a plant that can grow disproportionately and under almost any condition. All it needs is a little moisture to start developing.

If this happens in the drainage pipes of your house then you will have a problem in the future, because the roots will start to grow inside the system and can cause blockages or maybe even break the pipe.

Bird Nest

The birds are another inconvenience to be aware of. They are attracted to establish their nests in rainwater gutters because they provide security against possible predators. Unfortunately this can cause the sudden blockage of the pipe and bring you trouble.

To avoid this situation, it is recommended that you call your trusted plumbing service and have the gutters checked periodically.

Manure & Mold

The organic waste that is deposited on the roof of your house with the rains is washed away into the gutters. Many times they get stuck and over time become a black, viscous material that can rot the pipes that make up the rainwater collection system.


If you have children who play constantly in the yard, make sure toys like balls or frisbees don’t get stuck in the gutters. Usually, the circumference of balls like baseballs are similar to those of sewage pipes and can easily clog them.

Check that these elements are not left on the roof or in the gutters to avoid greater problems in the event of a torrential rain.

Rain gutters should be cleaned twice a year – in early fall and early spring. If you clean your gutters in early fall, the grass will still be dry and therefore easier to remove. When the rainy season begins, water will flow freely through the gutter and downspouts, ensuring little or no damage to the gutter.

Cleaning the gutters again in early spring will again prepare them to redirect the heavy rain of this new season.    

If you are looking for a plumbing service that will help you do this work efficiently you can contact Mr. Poronga, we have the specialized technical team to perform these repairs quickly.