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How to Use a Sewer Snake as a Professional Plumber

sewer snake

This is a common question among customers and in this article we will give you some instructions so that you can act in case of emergency and know the basics of how to use the sewer snake as a professional plumber.

However, we want to make it very clear that in no case is it advisable to take action on your own and disregard the services of a professional plumber with years of experience and with the proper devices or tools to solve any type of inconvenience in the home or business premises related to clogged pipes, floods, problems with the sewer line among other problems.

So let’s start, before buying or renting a sewer snake it is best to try to unclog the pipe using boiling water, white vinegar and baking soda. This solution usually helps unclog small blockages in the pipes or drains of bathtubs, bathrooms, sinks and basins.

If it’s a toilet clog that the pacifier can’t clear, it’s time to go for the heavy tools to fix the problem. Again, if you don’t have the experience, it’s best to call the plumber to take care of it and not cause even greater problems if the pipe is damaged.

Steps to Using the Sewer Snake as a Professional Plumber

As with any practice or job, it is best to follow a routine that will help you do your work in an organized manner, so use the following recommendations.

Prepare The Area

In the area where you are going to execute the work, place a cardboard, cloth or rag on the floor to help protect your hands, knees or arms from any blow. This will also help protect the tiles or bathroom fixtures if you drop some of the tools.

Make sure you have enough room to maneuver and work freely to avoid accidents with other objects.

Also, remember to turn off the overflow valve on bathtubs and sinks so that the sewage snake can easily enter.

 Start The Work

Start inserting the end of the cable into the drain of the sink, shower, toilet or bathtub. Perform this procedure by hand until you begin to feel resistance. At this point you will most likely have achieved the first bend in the pipe and therefore will need more force to keep pushing.

Start Turning The Sewer Snake

By the time you reach the first obstacle or resistance you may have reached the point where the blockage is. At that point, start turning the sewer snake so that it crosses the clog and all the debris is trapped in it.

The idea is that the material that is blocking the pipe will not continue to slide into the deeper parts of the pipe, but will be caught and then easily removed.

You must be careful not to exceed the force so as not to break the pipe or even damage the porcelain in the bathtub or sink.

Remove the Clogging

As you feel the pressure of the sewer snake decrease you can then remove the obstruction by carefully pulling the instrument upwards. At this point it is recommended that you wear gloves to avoid injury to your hands and also to avoid contact with the residual elements coming from the pipe.

To check if everything is OK, throw a considerable amount of water to observe how it flows and if the objective was achieved.

If you need professional help you can contact Mr. Poronga, we are a company with years of experience in everything related to plumbing, main sewer line, mold removal and flood water cleaning.